A Young Couple Wants to Know: Should We Invest in More Real Estate?

Photo: Ryan Pavey

Austin Laue and Megan Laue bought their first home last year in Northbrook, Ill., near Chicago. Now they’re considering whether buying more real estate is a good way to build wealth.

Mr. Laue, 29, works in tech, and Mrs. Laue, 28, is an educator. Together they earn about $255,000 a year. In addition to contributing more than 10% of their combined income to workplace retirement-savings plans, they’ve been able to save about $45,000 in cash and build an investment portfolio worth $222,000. They estimate their total assets to be about $683,000, which includes a $32,000 emergency fund, more than $200,000 in retirement savings and $145,000 in equity on their home, for which they paid $705,000 in 2022.

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