Rates Aren’t Coming Down Soon. But Stocks and Bonds Are Priced to Buy.

Higher Rates May Be Here for Awhile.That Doesn’t Mean Stocks and Bonds Aren’t Priced to Buy. | Barron’s

Where have all the weirdos gone? Not two years ago in a cover story on the state of finance, I opened with a cowboy in his underpants serenading a Times Square duo in matching onesies about a holographic worm. He had been commissioned to raise interest in a particular nonfungible token. If you don’t know what those are, they’re unique, tradable, blockchain identifiers—contrived digital scarcity, basically. If you’re wondering why someone would buy such a thing, it’s because a) prices for some of them were shooting higher at the time, and b) the people pitching them used cartoon ape faces and such to make them more personable. And if you’re thinking that sounds crazier than crypto…

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